Computer or Internet Not Necessary

With AVOO only the host need to have the App downloaded on to the Mobile. All participants irrespective or country or remote location need not have Internet or Smart Mobile or Computer to join a call.

No PINs. No Downloads

All the Participants need is a number land or mobile number to receive or dial in. No software download, no technical hassles. Just following the single instruction and join the audio meeting.

Smart Scheduling & Planning

AVOO helps decision makers and team to join as well as start a call seamlessly. With back to back meetings and multi-tasking, its easy for a both host and participant to start as well as join the calls. As this innovative service demands very little effort the chances of you missing or joining a conference is minimised.

The Affordable Mobile Conferencing

Global conferencing at a fraction of standard mobile rates. This makes our service compelling for business. Unlike other normal Web based Mobile Apps, AVOO allows you to make calls to anyone around the globe to any Mobile or Landlines without fuss.

How to make a global Audio Conference without Internet or Mobiles?

With unreliable connectivity, when teams are working away from cities in remote location, AVOO can be a great alternative to modern internet and computer- based conferencing. With our services in this COVID 19 era, you can reach out globally with seamless conferencing facility at affordable price.

How it works

With AVOO Mobile App on your phone, conferencing happens with the ease of a phone call, offering unique freedom to conduct meetings with your team or customers, anywhere, anytime.

It’s flexible, easy to switch from mobile to laptop.

The host has the option to manage and schedule Audio Conference from Mobile handset as well as from a web portal through computer or any devices. It allows the host to manage business accounts with multiple sub accounts through both online and mobile Apps.

On the fly meetings

When managers and leadership want to chair meetings on the go, to take key decisions or share information on the move, there are limited alternatives to match AVOO Conference. With AVOO, the host can reach anyone around the world within seconds by triggering a scheduled meeting or initiating an ad hoc meeting.

Better Penetration

Today apart from key towns and cities, the penetration of internet is limited around the world both in developed and underdeveloped markets. With AVOO audio conference this barrier is broken as our system allows total reach to both landlines and mobile devices offering the option to dial in from various locations as an added advantage.

Dashboard - Record

The host has a dashboard to control the meeting deftly from their mobile with the option to pause, stop, mute/unmute, record, add participant and monitor. Call recording is accessible online for review.

Affordable Mobile Conferencing

Enjoy the luxury of mobile based unlimited conferencing without the standard calling charges. Our plans help you to minimise the cost of Mobile Conferencing practical and within budget.

Get a solution best suited to your business

Our consultants help address your most challenging issues by providing strategic, financial, operational, and IT services.

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