How to run a Mobile Conference?

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Schedule Date & Time

It’s intuitive, just follow conference icon and confirm meeting name, time and date.

Add Participants

Add participants from your Phone Contact list OR from your web portal dashboard.

Confirm & Conference

Once the Conference is scheduled and participants added, all that is left to do is CONFIRM your meeting.

AVOO Conference - built for your conferencing needs!

No Internet. No Mobile. Not a showstopper.

There is no need for Participants to have internet access at the time of Conferencing. With AVOO, it is only the Host who needs minimal internet facility to ensure scheduling of calls either through Mobile or PC.

No PINs and Call charges for Participants

With our smart and easy conferencing, neither the host nor the participants require meeting codes, or IDs to log in to the conference. All you need to do is to follow the voice prompt to enter the meeting.

Unlimited Participants for enterprises

If you are an enterprise, you have the option for unlimited participant invites from your mobile handset.

Control and Dashboard

The host has total control to orchestrate the meeting by opening the Dashboard on the App when the meeting takes place.

Easy Team Sharing Options

Under business and enterprise accounts, it is possible to add multiple sub accounts and define rights for teams to conduct concurrent conferencing without conflicts in calendar.

Secure and Locked in Conferencing

The host has the additional functionality to ‘lock the room’ and restrict conference to scheduled invitees only.

Better pricing. Better reach

One of the greatest benefits AVOO brings to market is its affordable pricing for Mobile based conferencing. Unlike internet-based conferencing where quality and penetration can be challenging in most global locations with AVOO’s mobile and landline reach, this hurdle can be mitigated.

Call Recording

This is an absolute necessity for minute taking and documenting meetings for business. The call records are made available to the account holder for future reference and hosted to the account holder’s files for thirty days.


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