AVOO Meet-Me

The Easy & Flexible Conferencing with Meet-Me.

Meet-Me Conferencing

This a great feature for a Participant joining a meeting that has already started. As the attendee was late or could not join earlier. This feature is active only after the conference call starts.

This feature allows the Participants to revert to the Conference Invite and used the Dial-in or Join in Option to input the PIN and join in the ongoing meeting. Also, by clicking the join me option on the invite.

Follow three easy steps to join AVOO Meet-Me Conference

Step 1. Dial-In with any AVOO Access Number

Step 2. Enter Conference PIN Number and press # OR for Participants (Host has to Input - Host PIN and press #)

Step 3. Then, You will be prompted to announce your NAME and Press #. Now you are in the "meeting room" with all participants.

Self-Muting – Hosts and participants can mute/un-mute themselves by pressing *6 on the telephone keypad.

You have access to a full range of capabilities and tools to optimize your conference calls. More details Click here


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