Traditional and AVOO Conference

AVOO Mobile Conference aims to mitigate many of the challenges faced by modern web conferences and other forms of meetings faced by businesses globally.

No Logging in & PIN Code hurdles

Our research has revealed that, this is pain area and showstopper for both participants and host. Key decision makers are often multitasking and are not glued to computers when it comes to joining a conference. AVOO Mobile conferencing overcomes this challenge by reaching out to Host and Participants by calling them directly on their Mobile or Land Numbers based on the meeting scheduled.

Late Joining or Failing to Connect

All parties are prompted to pick the call and join the meeting as scheduled. The system allows flexibility for dialling-in as well and retry in the event Participant fails to pick up or connect at the first attempt. As Participants are called in directly by AVOO conferencing system, the chances of a participant missing to dial in is negligible, unless it's unavoidable for them. This process eliminates the risk of hidden charges levied for premium numbers by some service providers.

Unmatched Rates for International Conferencing

This is one of the greatest strengths of AVOO Mobile Conferencing. Almost all mobile companies allows some degree of conferencing, but the cost is not commercially viable when it comes to international conferencing. AVOO eliminates this barrier by making international call rate close to local call rates for most of the active business locations like Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Far East. Pricing can be verified from the rates link in the footer.

Adhoc Calls and minimal inputs

With AVOO Conferencing the input and data entry is negligible. The host can trigger quick meetings with invites scheduled to participants within seconds.

Internet Connectivity and remote location barrier

With AVOO Conferencing Internet connectivity is not mandatory for Participants; they can join the meeting from any device including land lines. As the only action required by participants is to accept AVOO's incoming call on their handset to join a meeting, internet connectivity is of no consequence.

Recording and Documentation

The Mobile Conferencing platform allows the host to record and archive the meeting with authorisation and archiving on a need basis.


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